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June 2017

The Highly Wired™ Name

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Highly Wired People

How Highly Wired™ Got It's Name

In life names matter. Sometimes they matter a lot. This is especially true when considering areas of diversity. A name can be honoring. Or a name can mark a person or group for a lifetime of shame, ridicule and hurt.

Since we are starting with a fresh, new diversity category, we wanted to do it consciously. We wanted to capture the essence of the genetic trait without using the name that the scientists use (“Sensory Processing Sensitivity”). After all, there are loads of names scientists, doctors and academia use in their work that get translated into more user-friendly and/or more memorable street names.

Highly Wired™ suggests that people with the trait have different wiring. And they do. In the US there is a colloquial expression, “She’s wired to be a (engineer, doctor, teacher).” In general people are open to this idea of having different wiring to indicate a perfect fit for that person.

The “highly” indicates there is advantage. And there is. There are benefits to our world for having Highly Wired™ people in it, such as unique perspectives, long-range views, creative solutions and more.

Then, like all good naming projects, we tested it. Especially with the people who have this trait. They loved it. They felt honored. They felt validated. They felt others might be able to understand the essence of their world a bit better.